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Do You Suffer From a Smelly Scalp? Here Are Answers and Solutions!

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

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If you are suffering from a smelly scalp that won’t seem to go away, you are not alone.  It is embarrassing.  People thing you are not very clean.  That of course is not necessarily the case.  Well don’t worry, there is something that can be done for smelly scalp odor.

What Causes the Scalp to Smell?
It is bacteria that has built up around the hair follicle.  While, most bacteria can be washed away there are some types that are much more difficult to remove.  Every scalp will have a small amount of bacteria, but if the scalp is too oily the bacteria will multiply into large numbers.  This is when problems can occur.  If certain bacteria gets attached to the hair follicle it is very hard to remove and it will create an odor.  The smell often goes away when you wash your hair only to return as soon as you begin to sweat again.

How To Treat A Smelly Scalp Without Side Effects?
The only way to really stop smelly scalp is to go to the source and remove the bacteria.  It is also important to balance the scalp so that the bacteria will not be allowed to multiply again.  You don’t however want to strip away all of the oil on the scalp, because this will lead to additional issues.  Zinc is the perfect natural ingredient to do all of these things.  Zinc balances oil production on the scalp.  It also removes even the most stubborn bacteria.  It gently cleans even deep into the hair follicle.  Hair and scalp will be left clean and odor free.

What Products or Treatments Do Doctors Offer?

99% of the time a doctor will use a medicated shampoo or a steroid. Neither of which is designed to go after the bacteria and fungus that is actually causing the problem. While we are not doctors and do not offer medical advice, we are however, trichologist and research and study hair growth and scalp problems – we strongly recommend that you balance the scalp. It is amazing that when balance is brought to the scalp you will find that almost all symptoms to your problems seem to disappear without harsh treatments that can cause serious side effects to hair and scalp.

The Brand That Is Most Recommended Is Zincplex!