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Scalp Bumps Causes – Itching Red Flaky Raised Scabs? Answers

Monday, May 7th, 2012

How To Tips About Your Bumps Including The Magic Ingredient?
Yes go see a doctor but know that over 85% of the people that read our site are not getting results. And that is understandable since the majority of the products, both prescription and over the counter do nothing to help with the actual cause of the bumps on your head. You can read below and see the causes of the different types of bumps but know that without a doubt there are products that work well. The Zinc pca products work the best and give amazing results- choose an acne shampoo that uses zinc pca and deep cleansers. The most popular brand is the Zincplex brand! Read more below as to why and how it works so well!  Considered a long term treatment is our a great choice – we know because our readers have given us feedback and many of our staff have been users!

Why Are Some Bumps Itchy, Raised, Red, Flaky, Bleeding or Have Scabs – The Causes?

There are many different causes of scalp bumps. Each characteristic of the bump is different based on the cause as well as the treatments that you have been using.  Things such as diet and shampoo that you use also affects these bumps. The majority of bumps on your head that are little or medium sized are either scalp pimples, seborrheic dermatitis, dandruff (usually severe), allergic reaction, bacteria build up, folliculitis or fungus build up.

What Can You Do For Treatment For These Types Of Bumps?
The best solution is to remove the actual cause of the irritation. For example pimples are caused by bacterial build up as well as folliculitis. Seborrheic dermatitis, dandruff and other well known scalp fungus should be handled to prevent breakouts from those scalp conditions.

The Newest Products on the market for these are the Zinc pca products and the reports have been phenomenal on the overall health of the scalp. The most well known Brand is Zincplex. By deep cleansing as well as using Zinc pca to naturally handle bacteria and fungus your scalp will get a fresh start. This is vital to eliminating the symptoms of many different scalp conditions. Most other treatments simply don’t wan’t to go after the cause of the problems but instead offer a very short term solution. The zinc pca products also do an amazing job of resetting the scalp oh back to where it should be. Many traditional salon and store bought shampoos simply whack out the ph and this lowers the scalp defenses against the bacteria etc.

Before and After About Scalp Bumps!

The response from our readers about the Zincplex (zinc pca products) has been truly phenomenal. But remember that these products do not use any chemical anti fungal agents. They are based on balance and this means that it can take a little more time. Yes, you get relief or results right away but the best results come with time as the scalp has a chance to get the proper ph and deep cleanse out the hair follicles after years of build up.

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