Jojoba Oil is Perfect Scalp and Hair

washing hairFor natural scalp and hair care jojoba oil is an excellent choice.  This botanical comes from the seed of the jojoba tree.  Scalp health is dependent on the correct balance of oil, which is created by the sebum gland.  Jojoba oil is very similar to the natural sebum our bodies produce making it a perfect natural ingredient.  It is closer to the scalps natural sebum than any other natural product that you will find. 

If the scalp is too dry or too oily, jojoba oil may be able to “trick” the sebum gland into producing the correct amount of oil and balancing the scalp.  It is not irritating and can be used even when scalp problems and irritations are present.  It provides long term moisture to both hair and scalp.  It is also not a greasy oil because it is absorbed quickly into the skin. 

When treating scalp conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, seborrhea and dandruff jojoba oil is a great natural option.  Jojoba oil is anti bacterial and will help scalp conditions like scalp acne heal quicker.  Unlike many chemical ingredients, it will not make the scalp overly dry.  A scalp that is too dry will result in more problems.

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