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Scalp PImples In Adults and Teens

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

scalp pimplesWhen most people this of scalp pimples and acne they think of teens as they go through ackward years that everything starts changing and is never the same again. But when it comes to acne and especially scalp acne or scalp pimplesĀ  you will shocked to learn that adults suffer scalp pimples over 70% of the time with the teens experiencing it only 25% of the time.

So what is the solution for scalp pimple, zits or acne that adults get. Most people believe that they should buy the same product for their hair as they use for their face. Of course it depends on what products you are using on your face but 99% of the time the answer is resounding no! You should use very specific shampoos for scalp pimple problems. Make sure that you are controlling the oil in the scalp. you do not want to shut down the total product of scalp oils but you do want to control or regulate it. This alone is enough to stop over 85% of scalp acne and zits.

The second step is to deep cleanse away the trapped bacteria that harbors in the hair follicle. Remember that the goal is not to dry the scalp and hair out but instead flush out the dirt and bacteria that allows acne to flourish. The ingredients that work best for this are zinc pca, and a very specific purifying herbal combination. For scalp acne look for Zinc Complex shampoo as it has all these and can end your scalp issues, not just acne in a very short time.

Whether is it scalp bumps to acne on the head or even itching and flaking we strongly suggest checking our Zinc Complex Shampoo and Conditioner Treatment!