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Scalp Acne You Tube Video – Watch The Video

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

Scalp Acne Video That Explains What Works!


There is no talking in this video but if you watch it you will learn what causes scalp acne and pimples in the scalp or on the scalp. Head pimples or acne are very common amongst both adults and teens. The hair follicle provides the perfect place for bacteria to hunker down and hide. Most topical acne products and treatments don’t get deep enough into the hair follicle. These same products can’t get through the sebum layer where the bacteria hide beneath!

In this video you will see why very special herbal complexes are used to break up the sebum and hardened oils so that the zinc pca can then eliminate the bacteria and fungus that was hidden beneath the scalp deep inside the hair follicle!

We do not know of any Zincplex Coupons or offers! But check back and if we find any then we will post them here as well!